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Meet Our Chiropractors

West Kelowna Chiropractors Dr. Kevin and Dr. Susan Holroyd
Dr. Kevin and Dr. Susan Holroyd are honoured to serve the West Kelowna community. They are dedicated to caring for the whole family. They love getting to know their patients and helping them to build a happier and healthy lives.


Dr. Kevin Holroyd

“My whole life changed as an infant because of chiropractic. As an infant, I had Asthma and was having to take multiple medications daily. After a recommendation from a family friend, my parents sought a local Kelowna Chiropractor for help.”
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Dr. Susan Holroyd

“After a scoliosis diagnosis, I thankfully discovered chiropractic and began getting regular adjustments which allowed me to avoid major surgery, be more comfortable, restore normal function and prevent the progression of this abnormal curve.” read more»

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