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Meet Dr. Kevin Holroyd

West Kelowna Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Holroyd

Dr. Kevin Holroyd

I always knew I wanted to be a chiropractor.” Dr. Kevin

The Health to Pursue His Passions

My whole life changed as an child because of chiropractic. As an infant, I had Asthma and was having to take multiple medications daily. After a recommendation from a family friend, my parents sought a local Kelowna chiropractor for help.

After my first adjustment at eighteen months old, my breathing began to significantly improve. I continued on with regular adjustments and was able to wean off the Asthma medications. I grew up with the health benefits of regular chiropractic care and avoided the dangerous side effects of medications.

Continual Chiropractic Education

I completed my chiropractic pre-requisites at the University of Victoria. I continued my Doctorate of Chiropractic studies at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, graduating at the top of my class in 1996 with Cum Laude distinction.

Dr. Susan and I regularly attend advanced post-graduation courses to learn the latest research on strategies for nutrition, fitness, children’s health, maternity wellness, spinal correction and overall well-being to better serve our patients.

We host regular health and wellness seminars in the community to empower their patients with the knowledge, skills and action steps to enhance their lives.

If you want to invest in your future and live a quality life, contact us today.

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