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Reviews for Holroyd Family Chiropractic

“I was impressed with care, attention to detail, and willingness to answer all my questions.”

“Everyone very friendly and welcoming. I was impressed with care, attention to detail, and willingness to answer all my questions. Also appreciate that all information was given to me in language that I could understand. Excited about finding out what my issues are and how I can improve my health and well being with the help of Kevin and Susan!”
- Karen

“Having regular chiropractic treatments my whole body has experienced new health!”

This past year having regular chiropractic treatments my whole body has experienced new health!
After having a benign tumour removed from the inside wall of my spine, my balance was poor and walking was difficult. In 2008 I cracked my hip which added to the pain that I already had. My back, hips, and legs caused my life to be constantly filled with pain. Every nerve in my body seemed to be affected.

After listening to a report that Dr. Susan Holroyd delivered, I made an appointment in June of 2011. After x-rays, careful discussions, and a thorough examination I began treatments.

After a year and three months of treatment, I walk with a slight limp but very little pain. I sleep better, have more energy, and enjoy my life.

I want to say THANK YOU to Dr. Susan and Dr. Kevin for making me stronger in my mind and body.
- Gwen

“Very helpful with my concerns.”

“Since arriving at Holroyd Family Chiropractic I have found the doctors very helpful with my concerns, especially with osteoporosis. I feel I have been given excellent care and concern with my conditions. The doctors are constantly taking courses to improve my health. The warm and friendly staff members are an asset to the clinic. We are happy to have them in our area.”
- Lillian

“Life changing!”

“It used to be normal for me to have migraines at least four times a week, I have not had any more since I started going to see Dr. Kevin and getting adjusted properly. To live life without migraines is life changing.”
- Nikki

“We feel valued and special.”

quote-right“We travel from Penticton to Westbank at least once a month in order to receive Chiropractic care from Kevin and Sue. We could go to a local Chiropractor, but there is no one in Penticton who is trained in the technique used by Kevin and Sue.

In our opinion, the technique they use is vastly superior to the alternatives, it’s gentler and it’s more effective. Perhaps most important is the personal treatment beyond the Chiropractic care that we receive from Kevin, Sue, and the rest of the staff. Every time we walk in the door we’re treated like old friends and we feel valued and special. Being your patients is worth every kilometre and every minute that we spend travelling to see you. Thanks to all of you!!”
- Kevin and Sidney

Surprise benefits not expected!

I went to see chiropractic because I felt light-headed after we had a rear end accident in March. Dr. Kevin said that the top of my neck was tight, and that was the cause of the light-headedness. I have not felt this sensation since he has worked on my neck. Also, I feel that since seeing Dr.Kevin, my posture has improved. Some improvements that he and others have noticed are that my balance has improved. Chiropractic can help with healing your health issues without prescriptions.
- Elma


“Check it out!”

“I think people not only need to know about chiropractic but actually check it out. This is because when the spine is misaligned chronic diseases can occur, misaligned vertebrae create pressure and stress on spinal nerves. You often get quick results. Chiropractic is safe and effective. It is non-surgical, drug free and extremely low risk.”
- John

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